The Absolute Best Secure Outdoor Portable Storage Steel Shipping Container

40ft NEW One Trip General Purpose Steel Shipping Container / Secure, Outdoor, Portable Storage Shed / 40’ Cargo Container / Container Home / Emergency Shelter / Vacation Home
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SHIPPED.comPrice: $6,195.00

A shipping container is your ultimate storage solution. Durable, secure, portable, wind and water tight. Shipping containers are the most versatile storage and transport solution available. They’re also stackable and easily modified to suit your needs. Our 40ft ISO General Purpose Shipping Containers are built to an international standard using the highest quality corrosion resistant Corten steel. They’re fitted with a solid timber floor, air vents, lashing rings, quality rubber door seals and locking rods, making them water tight. Each container is fitted with a CSC plate making it an ideal investment because they can easily be resold into the second hand container market. Our containers are what’s know as ‘new one trip’. As almost all containers are manufactured in Asia, they’re loaded with cargo and then shipped by sea to the United States. Although they’re still in brand new condition they’ve actually travelled one trip already. Delivery of your container to the contiguous United States is included in the sale price. Containers are delivered from one of our nationwide depots to your home, office or project site using a standard tilt tray truck. Containers can only be unloaded onto flat ground, so you should consider if the area is suitable for a truck to access. Our customer service staff will phone you prior to delivery. A standard BIC code will be issued with every container sold. This code is used for identification purposes and is printed on the outer four sides of the container. The external color of containers does vary depending on depot stock availability.WE DELIVER to Your Home, Office or Project Site
Durable, Secure, Portable, Wind & Water Tight, CSC Plated
Made Of Quality Corrosion Resistant Corten Steel
External Dimensions: 40FT Long x 8FT Wide x 8FT 6IN High (Volume 2389 CU FT)
Container Home / Outdoor Portable Storage / Emergency Shelter / Industrial Shed

Price: $6,195.00

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