Lovely 209 SQUARE FOOT Kit Cabin Garden Home

Allwood Claudia | 209 SQF Kit Cabin, Garden House (3 extra layers of wall planks (12 pcs))
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PalmakoPrice: $455.00

Ordering extra layers of wall planks for your Claudia cabin is recommended if you plan to build a stand alone loft inside. Each extr layer adds aprx. 4-1/2″ to the wall height. For stability reasons we recommend max. 3 layers / cabin. Other add-on options for Claudia: Canopy roof storage. Wall height 7’3″ | ridge height 11’11” as standard
Aprx. Wall height 7’8″ | ridge geight 12’3″ with one extra layer (4 pcs)
Aprx. Wall height 8′ | ridge height 12’7′ with 2 extra layers (8 pcs)
Aprx. Wall height 8’5″ | ridge height 13′ with 3 extra layers (12 pcs)
5 years Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Price: $455.00

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