Fisher-Price Little People Belle’s Klip Klop Cottage

Fisher-Price Little People Belle’s Klip Klop Cottage
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Fisher PricePrice: $89.99

Bring Disney Princess Belle’s story to life with her Klip Klop Cottage
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Belle and Philippe can klip klop down the ramps all on their own
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Klip Klop Fun & So Much More!

Little People Belle’s Cottage Klip Klop Play Set, with its kitchen and library (of course!), looks like it came right out of Belle’s little town in the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast.” Join Belle and her trusty horse Philippe in their cozy cottage that features four different ramps for them to “klip-klop” down, and even a spinning water wheel and trough where Philippe can drink. Send Belle “klip-klopping” down the front ramp to greet you and she’ll even open the door. The back of the play set also offers plenty of imaginative play with a kitchen and library to live out the story of Belle. And, there’s extra action when you spin the water wheel, then bring Belle’s thirsty horse to the trough for a drink.

Bring the Story to Life

Belle is the much loved character from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” who inspires little girls with her bravery and love of reading. Now, Little People Belle’s Cottage Klip Klop Play Set opens the door to Belle’s exciting world. It encourages creative thinking as children use their imaginations to re-enact Belle’s story and create their own stories, too. They might even decide to invite other Disney Princess friends to “klip-klop” over and visit! (Additional Little People Klip Klop Disney Princesses sold separately.)

Prancing and Enhancing Learning

Curiosity is sparked as little princesses watch Belle and Philippe “klip-klop” down different ramps all on their own. “Klip-klopping” also helps eye-hand coordination as little ones set Philippe up on the ramp, then tap his tail. Grasping and moving Belle and her horse around the cottage sharpens coordination and promotes physical activity.

Isn’t it Amazing?

Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play… all those moments when children learn best. That’s why Fisher-Price builds learning into everything we make. With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing’s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child.

Cottage gate opens as Belle and Philippe prance through
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Product Features:
  • Send Belle and Philippe “klip-klopping” down one of the ramps all on their own
  • One of the ramps features a door that opens when Belle and Philippe come through
  • Spin the waterwheel
  • Features two different areas of play: ramps in front and a kitchen and library in back.
  • Includes Little People figure, Belle on her horse and Klip Klop Cottage with waterwheel and horse trough

Tap the tail of Belle’s horse Philippe and they’ll “klip-klop” down the ramp all on their own
Four colorful ramps for lots of Klip Klop action
Cottage features a water wheel that spins, a feeding trough, kitchen and library for plenty of play options on all sides
Includes cottage and Little People Belle character riding her horse Philippe
Bring Belle and her horse to the Little People Klip Klop Princess Stable for more horseplay and good fun (Stable sold separately and subject to availability)

Price: $29.99

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