Allwood Barrel Sauna #400-EHP ELECTRIC HEATER

Barrel is the ultimate shape for any sauna, for many reasons. There is 23% less space to be heated when compared with a similar size room with corners. Also, the cylinder shape allows natural continuous air circulation because the air is pushed back on the round walls. You will enjoy those longer steam cycles while saving on energy costs. For that ultmate sauna experience we recommend Allwood Barrel Sauna. Especially the model 400-EHP which is our flagship model. This model sauna is the “everything-included’ choice if you desire that convenience of electric heater. The barrel and walls are made from 1-5/8″ thick slow grown Nordic Spruce. With 6’8″ diameter x 78.7″ inside length this sauna will comfortably seat 8 adults. Two windows on the back wall let in ample amount of natural light. Separate dressing room provides space for relaxation and storage. Standard options included are two windows and front porch. Unlike the models of competitors, Allwood barrel saunas come with roof shingles which will add to the life span of your investment. If you plan to install your sauna indoors or in covered area, we will be glad to exclude the shingles and discount their value in the price. Included in the #400-EHP kit: * sturdy frame and front/back walls made from 1-5/8″ slow grown Nordic Spruce * covered porch for cooling and shield from sun or rain * three 70″ support cradles to elevate the structure from the ground * four industrial grade stainless steel bands with fastener mechanism * bitumen shingles * U.S. made FLB-60-S stainless 6.0 kW electric heater * all seating elements * floor boards * wood door (exterior) * tempered tinted glass door (sauna compartment door) * four windows * separate intake/outflow air vents. Free shipping to contiguous 48 states. Partial assembly required. Allow 30-40 days for delivery.Diameter 6’8″ – Sauna section length 78.7”
Frame material 1-5/8″ slow grown Nordic Spruce
Will seat 8 adults
Assembly required

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