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Lechuza Balconera Cottage 50 – All-In-One, Granite

Discover the perfect way to bring your patio and balcony to life with the BALCONERA Cottage 50. This versatile planter can be placed on decks and used as a floor planter or hung from walls and railings as a windowbox planter thanks to the optional brackets. These easy-to-use brackets (purchased separately) fit into the bottom…

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Lechuza Cube Cottage 40 Planter, Granite Wicker

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to add large plants to your decor, then the CUBE Cottage is the perfect planter. This spacious cube-shaped container is designed for plants with bigger roots, such as lemon trees or focus plants. Plus, the CUBE Cottage’s natural wicker finish allows you to seamlessly incorporate it into your…

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