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Allwood Nordica | 191 SQF Cabin Kit with 95 SQF Loft

Many customers told us they want a spacious cabin with a loft, thick walls with high R ratio, option to add windows with double glazing to make it their year round residence, and a reasonable price. Allwood Nordica is all that and more. 2-3/4″ thick walls with dual T&G wind block keep the heat in…

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Allwood Halmstad | 106 SQF Studio Kit Cabin, Garden House

Allwood Halmstad Garden House Kit is a lovely addition to your garden. This high quality Nordic spruce wood made structure is a great alternative in surroundings where the classic cabins do not quite match. Lots of these serve as home offices but Halmstad also makes a great guest house, pool house or beach cottage. Assembly…

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Log Cabin Houses – A Beautiful Dream Home In The Woods

Once, log cabin houses were implied to be a house for people who worked near mines, or went searching or remained at the side of the forest for comparable tasks. Today log cabins have actually come to be much more of a vacation spot particularly for those that love nature. Given that most log cabins […]

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Allwood Eagle Vista | Wall Insulation Package

This listing is for an extra wall insulation package for Allwood Eagle Vista kit cabin. The cabin comes with 2-3/4″ thick wall planks with dual T&G wind block. Basically the wall insulation consists of parts for a separate framing which will then be covered by siding matching the original wall plank pattern. This will minimize…

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