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Allwood Claudia | 209 SQF Kit Cabin, Garden House (One extra layer of wall planks (4 pcs))

Ordering extra layers of wall planks for your Claudia cabin is recommended if you plan to build a stand alone loft inside. Each extr layer adds aprx. 4-1/2″ to the wall height. For stability reasons we recommend max. 3 layers / cabin. Other add-on options for Claudia: Canopy roof storage. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078S1M13FAprx. Wall height 7’3″ |…

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Allwood Eagle Point | 1108 SQF Kit Cabin

 Buy Now     LasitaPrice: $46,900.00 Eagle Point is a truly unique kit cabin model. In addition to recreational use, it can also be a stand-alone retail space or office, or a hybrid home/business. Eagle Point design looks good in urban areas where most traditional cabins might look out of place. This spacious cabin can be […]

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