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Palo Santo Bracelet: All-Wood

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One Love HolisticsPrice: $20.00

Our *Palo your Heart* Palo Santo stretch bracelets are consciously crafted & made with love. Each bracelet is uniquely designed using beads from the spiritually revitalizing wood of Palo Santo (a.k.a. Bursera graveolens). These bracelets are kept pure & untreated to allow for a genuine aromatherapy experience. Palo your Heart bracelets are a wonderful way to celebrate your connection with Palo Santo, while maintaining a smoke-free & environmentally-minded approach to your holistic wellness lifestyle. Palo Santo bracelets make thoughtful gifts for any occasion, sure to bring joy to those from all walks of life! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bracelet Size: Medium // Materials: Palo Santo

Price: $20.00

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