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Little Cottage Company Gingerbread DIY Playhouse Kit, 8′ x 10′

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Little Cottage CompanyPrice: $2,849.99 Free Shipping

Standard Gingerbread Playhouse Kit Includes The Following: -2*3 Wood Wall Framing -Curved Wood Trusses 2′ On Center Roughly The Size of a 2*4 -High Quality Siding and Trim Onto Wall Panels (Insures Panels are Square) -Panelized Walls Sections (Not Just Precut) Saves Time in Assembly -Gingerbread Trim To Panels -All Other Parts are Precut and Ready To Assemble -2 Working 14”*21” Windows With Safety Glass, Grids and Screens – Flowerboxes With Gingerbread Trim Around Windows -Child’s Dutch Door (40” High X 20” Wide) -Adult Dutch Door On Side (61” High X 34” Wide) -Hardware Needed To Assemble (Screws, Latches, Handles, Nails) -Outside Corner Gingerbread Trim -All Trim and Siding Is Prep Rimed -Link To Excellent Downloadable Online Manual With Color Pictures Playhouse Kit Options: -Deck and Painted Rail (White) -Floor Kit -Loft -Chimney -Extra Windows (Installed By Customer) Extra Shutters Extra Flowerboxes Printed Manual Customer Provides: -Shingles* -Drip Edge* -Floor (If Purchased Without Floor Kit)* -Paint* -Optional: Three 4′ X 4′ Posts Under Floor (Required With Deck Option)* *Above Items Can Easily Be Purchased By The Customer at a Local Store.High Quality Siding and Trim Pre-Fastened Onto Wall Panels (Insures Panels are Square)
Panelized Walls Sections (Not Just Precut) Saves Time in Assembly
Gingerbread Trim Pre-Fastened To Panels

Price: $2,849.99

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