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Little Cottage Company Classic Saltbox 10’x10′ DIY Shed Kit

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Little Cottage CompanyPrice: Free

Standard Features Include: -High Quality Siding and Trim -Kit Will Be Primed and Ready For Paint -5′ Double Door On 10′ and 12′ Buildings -Locking Handle Latch -2 Windows and Shutters Standard -16″ 2X4 On Center Framing For Walls -6′ High Front Wall -5′ High Back Wall -24″ On Center 2X4 Trusses -5/8″ Plywood Floor -16″ 2X4 Joists On Floor -10′ and 12′ Wide Buildings Have 5 Pressure Treated 4X4S -7/16 Osb Sheeting -Aluminum Gable Vents Shed Kit Form Customer Provides: -Shingles -Drip Edge -Floor (If Purchased Without a Floor Kit) -PaintHigh Quality Siding and Trim Pre Fastened Onto Wall Panels.
Primed and Ready To Paint.
Locking Door Handle Latch

Price: Free

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