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Irish Turf Incense & Ceramic Cottage Irish Peat,Beige,

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Own an IrishTurf Peat Incense Cottage – 2 individually Gift Packaged,with 2 Free Incense Cottage Refill Boxes for all orders in May.,Here we have a unique product – an Irish Cottage which burns Turf Peat. ,This is one of our best selling lines and one which goes well throughout the ,year but especially around St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.,Re-create that unforgettable smell of Irish turf burning in this cottage in ,your own home no matter where you may live.,Bring back memories of days gone bye when an open fire was the norm in ,every Irish homestead. This Irish Turf Peat Incense Cottage is a unique product,which allows you ,to enjoy the distinctive smell of an Irish turf peat fire worldwide.,It comprises of turf peat incense sods supplied with a stone burner. ,The product works exactly in the same principal as any incense. ,By lighting the mini incense sod,the ignited sod lets off smoke which fills ,the surrounding area with the unique smell of an Irish turf peat fire. ,The ambience

Price: $29.82

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