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Allwood Pioneer | 171 SQF Tiny Home, Kit Cabin

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.Price: $7,495.00

Hundreds of people have inquired whether we will ever have a Tiny House available. Or whether existing models can be built on trailers. It took a while, but finally we are glad to introduce Allwood Pioneer as the very first model of the upcoming Tiny Home Series. Pioneer is a more traditional cabin style with a ridge roof. In the very near future, we will also have flat/slated roof models. Just like the standard Allwood Cabin Kits, our Tiny Home kits are shells. They contain all wood parts, door(s) and windows but there are no furnishings. You also need to purchase the trailer and the final roofing material such as shingles. Each kit is pre-cut for the door and the small loft window, but there are no cut-outs for standard size windows on the walls. Those windows come with the kit and you can decide where to install them. The cutout for each window can be made while erecting the walls or later. Allwood Tiny Home Kits are intended for customers who want to set up the frame and the roof in a couple of days and start furnishing the structure right away. This process greatly shortens the usual building time. In addition to the standard hardware (screws, nails, door lock, door/window hinges and handles), our Tiny Home models also come with aprx. 120 long stainless steel screws. Those will secure each layer of wall planks to the previously added layer. For wall insulation we recommend adding studs and either wall siding or any other material of your choice. Fill the cavity with foam or rockwool. Electrical wiring and plumbing can also be concealed inside the insulation layer grid. Allwood Pioneer Tiny Home Features: Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce Floor and roof construction materials included Pre hung and glazed double door and windows Pre assembled gables All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock Special long screws to secure layers of wall planks. Easy to follow instructions Can also be assembled as a standMade from durable Nordic Spruce wood
1-3/4″ double tongue and groove WindBlock wall planks
Set up in mere days – will greatly expedite your tiny home project
Can also be set up as a standard cabin

Price: $7,495.00

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